Assistance in Process Review and Turbomachinery Specification.

Specialists in Turbomachinery and Associated Systems
SEMTEC is a privately owned company committed to provide all services needed for turbomachineries and their associated systems at the customer's site anywhere in the world.
Experienced professional engineers, highly skilled technicians and craftsmen constitute SEMTEC's most important asset.

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At any stage of a turbomachinery life it is most important to count with a strong engineering support which allows to solve the many issues related with this type of equipment and the systems associated to it.
SEMTEC can provide engineering know-how to turbomachinery users in the various topics

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Foundation Engineering Review.
Foundation Erection Control.
Chock Blocks Leveling.
Baseplate / Soleplate. Installation
Turbomachinery Installation.
Turbomachinery Internal Components Conditioning.

Commissioning and
Operation Assistance.
Compressor Performance Evaluation.
Steam Turbine Performance Evaluation.
Gas Turbine Performance Evaluation.


Field Survey.
Metallographic Replicas.
Non Destructive Testing.
Electronic and Optical Microscopy.
Mechanical Testing.


Turbomachinery Overhaul.
Technical Field Support Services.
Turbomachinery Maintenance and Repair Technology.
Rotor Balancing.
Laser Shaft Alignment.
Preventive and Predictive Maintenance.
Vibration Measurement and Analysis.
Oil Sampling and Analysis.


Compressor Performance.
Steam and Gas Turbine Performance.
Turbomachinery Vibrations: Measurement and Analysis.
Turbomachinery Shaft Alignment.
Industrial Lubrication.
Turbomachinery Reliability and Risk Analysis
Fitness for Service and Remaining Life Assessment of Turbomachinery Components.
Turbomachinerie: Technology for the user.
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